About Us

Visionary Consulting Group is a renowned consulting firm tailoring direct marketing campaigns for large clients in the Lubbock, TX area. Our specialty in customer acquisition allows us to offer professional representation for the well-respected brands we manage and offer results delivered with integrity. The Visionary Consulting Group promise is about “envisioning more”!

We’ve created our blog to introduce the people that make us Visionary Consulting Group, the dynamic company we are known as! Our small and tightly knit team are the most lively, determined and committed individuals in Lubbock (yes, we are biased). A competitive yet, a team-oriented atmosphere has been embedded into our consultants and exemplify what Visionary Consulting Group is all about. With a team like ours, who wouldn’t want to blog about them!

If you’re curious about what working for Visionary Consulting Group would be like, picture a firm where internal promotions are always an option and growth is based on performance and results rather than previous experience. Check out our website too for more career information and the opportunity to join the Visionary Consulting Group team!