The 5 Keys to a Top-Notch Company Culture

By Steph Korey, Co-founder & CEO of Away

Since we launched Away in 2016, my co-founder Jen and I have inevitably gotten one question more times than I can count: What’s your secret? I’ve always said–and firmly believe–that there is no secret. There’s no magic formula, or some untold truth everyone’s hiding when it comes to building a business. But the foundation? An incredible team.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve approached building that team, and defining how that team works, and what you can do to build a stronger team (and business):

1. Treat the way you build your culture as a core part of your business strategy because it is.

2. Hire for passion and potential, not necessarily skill or previous experience.

3. Invest in your team’s futures and careers–as people, not just employees.

4. Empower those employees to do the best work of their life.

5. Make sure that your core values are more than writing on the wall.

(Read the entire article HERE)

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